Host Family

Our host families are those families that are willing to open up their heart and home to a child or children for a given amount of time. 


  • you describe yourself as loving, caring, power-under, hospitable, stable, non-judgemental, and gifted with a desire to learn.

  • an understanding that you are not the parent or guardian of the child/children placed in your care

  • a completed application

  • a complete and clean background check

  • completed core training with The Family Connection as well as ongoing education.

  • a valid driver's license and reliable vehicle

  • at least 25 years old

  • room in your life (both emotionally and physically) to care for these families.

I'm what?

​Check out the Q&A section below to learn more about being a host family and email Joy at for additional info.

Q&A Host Family

What does The Family Connection do?

At The Family Connection, we are driven by a single goal; to help provide the support and safety net that struggling families need to stay together. We are unable to reach our goal without the help of dedicated volunteers willing to open up their life, home, and minds in order to serve our placing families where and when they need it the most.


What is a host family?

The largest group of our volunteers are needed as host families. Many of the placing families that we work with need a safe and loving home for their children for a specific amount of time due to many reasons (incarceration, financial burden, relationship troubles, etc.). Our host families open up their home to a child/children from a placing family and work directly with a social worker from The Family Connection and the placing family to ensure that the child/children are receiving the best care possible. It’s important that the child/children know that they are loved and valued by both their placing family and the host family that is involved in their life at that time.


What are the requirements of a host family?

A few words that would describe our volunteers would be loving, caring, power-under, hospitable, stable, non-judgmental, and someone with a desire to learn. Understanding that you are not the parents of the child/children in your care and that they do have loving families that are working to improve their situation is very important to The Family Connection. We never want our placing families to be met with judgement. We ask that host families recognize that we have a social worker that works directly with the placing families. Your job is to love!


We do ask that our volunteers be at least 25 years of age and have a steady job or income in order to provide stability to the child/children in their care and have a reliable vehicle and valid driver's license. We do also require a family that has room in their life (both emotionally and physically) to care for the child/children.


How are volunteers supported while involved with The Family Connection?

At The Family Connection, we realize that many of our volunteer have never hosted child/children in their home before and we appreciate their willingness to learn. We never place a child/children in your care and disappear. You will have regular visits with our social worker and team at The Family Connection and receive ongoing training opportunities. We are here 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns and never want our volunteers to feel that they are in this alone! We are all part of the same team with the same goals. 

I want to be involved as a host family, what now?

We do require host families to undergo a vetting process. This process includes an application, letters of referral, background checks, finger printing, home study, and training.  If you are ready to get some additional information or start the application process, reach out to us via email by clicking here.